Auto News for May 11 – A Jeep and White Water

  white water jeep                           

 Jeep claims to be the first manufacturer to drive up and down an Olympic-standard white water course. The Renegade Trailhawk tackled extreme off-road conditions including a flow of water that exceeded four tons per second and a descent of more than 30 feet from top to bottom. “It’s a pretty cool thing to say I was the first person ever to drive a car down a white water rafting course, not something you do every day,” said Olympic snowboarder Aimee. The drive took place at the International White Water center in Cardiff, England.

Boxer engine

 Subaru is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its horizontally-opposed Boxer engine. In case you ever wondered about the name, it is the design of the engine where the pistons resemble the punch-counterpunch motion of a boxer’s fists. The engine was introduced in May of 1966 in the Subaru 100 compact car. Now, every vehicle Subaru produces is fitted with the engine with total production now topping 16 million. And, as far as we know, none have ever become punch drunk. 

 General Motors said it may not meet its goal of putting 500,000 electric vehicles on our roads by next year, but will still move forward with alternative powered vehicles, the Detroit News said. Coming to market this year is a Chevy Bolt all-electric with a range of more than 200 miles and a CT6 Cadillac CT6 plug-in hybrid. It blamed lower gas prices for missing the target.

 Toyota wrapped up its fiscal year with good and bad news. The company rang up record earnings but also said profits moved lower due to current exchange rates and lower sales in some countries, outside the U.S. It warned that the rising value of the Japanese Yen could drive profits lower this year. Here in the U.S. sales rose 4.6 percent making it the automaker’s biggest market.




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