Auto News for May 2 – Historic McLaren For Sale


 For model year 2017 BMW will offer greater range for its electric i3 model. It said increased battery capacity will give the i3 a range of up to 114 miles with air conditioning or heating turned on, up from roughly 75 miles in the existing model. The electric motor will still propel the i3 from 0-60 in just over 7 seconds, BMW said.  Also, the Range Extender with the 2-cylinder engine will get a larger, 2.4 gallon, gas tank.

 Toyota broke a Guinness World Record for the most vehicles in a hybrid parade at 332. The record was set at an owner’s event in California.


 McLaren Special Operations Heritage Division is offering for sale an F1 of which only 64 were ever produced between 1993 and 1998. It is one of the last models, number 60, and has less than 2,800 miles on the clock. To say it is in showroom condition is an understatement and it comes complete with fitted luggage, titanium lightweight tool kit and tool box, all books and literature, including the correct edition of the McLaren F1 book and the limited edition F1 owner’s watch. No word on price, but if ya gotta ask …

1959 Chevrolet Impala 3

 Cruising by me the other day was a beautifully restored 1959 Chevrolet sedan. The white walls gleamed, the chrome was flawless, and the two tone paint job was perfect. If you don’t remember this car was a wild design even for those days with the big flat fins to the rear. My memory of driving one was that when the wind caught it just right, one could sense the rear end of the car wanting to lift up. What that occurred, I always said, “Cleared for takeoff.”



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