Auto News for April 27


 Auto plants are in the news this morning. Ford will invest a total of $1.6 billion in two facilities, one of which will manufacture the 10-speed transmission that will appear in the Raptor pickup in 2017. That would be the Livonia, Michigan plant. Extra money will be spent at the Ohio Assembly works in Avon Lake where chassis cabs are built for Ford’s Super Duty trucks.

 Fiat Chrysler, meanwhile, will move assembly of the Ram pickup from the Warren truck assembly plant just up the road to the Sterling Height, Mich. facility. CEO Sergio Marchionne also said that the successors to the Jeep Compass and the Patriot will be assembled in Mexico and Brazil, instead of the current plant in Belvidere, Illinois, according to the Detroit News. The Warren facility will become an alternative site for Jeep production, and Belvidere may do the same as FCA puts its emphasis on making hot selling trucks and Jeeps, and not slow selling cars.

 Lower sales in China, Russia and Brazil resulted in a 12 percent drop in first quarter net at Hyundai. But net income topped market expectations.

 It will be called the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets. The just announced coalition of Ford, Google, Volvo, Uber and Lyft that will promote autonomous vehicles and work with lawmakers considering regulations of them. The coalition will be headed up by David Strickland, the former administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. He said one goal will be a “clear set of federal standards” for the cars.  

 Mitsubishi has acknowledged that tampering with fuel economy figures dates back to 1991 and an internal investigation is ongoing. The inaccurate mileage tests involved models sold in Japan and made on behalf of Nissan. It has halted production of the affected cars. U.S. EPA officials are also looking into the matter. Japanese media are reporting that the scandal may bring down the company’s CEO and COO.





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