Auto News for April 20


 Forbes reports that Tesla stock took a tumble on Tuesday after Consumer Reports said owners have complained about problems with the gullwing doors on the newly released Model X. Owners have also complained about the curved windshield they say distorts headlights and street lights during nighttime trips. A Tesla spokes said the issues are not widespread and the company is working “closely” with owners to “address any complaints.”

 Toyota said it expects to resume production in Japan next week following a series of earthquakes. Toyota expects most of its plants to be up and running by April 28 as it found new ways around a quake caused parts shortage.

 Mitsubishi has said tire pressures were falsified by some workers in an effort to increase gas mileage rates on more than 600,000 vehicles sold in Japan. Included were about 470,000 vehicles it made for Nissan that discovered inconsistencies in MPG results.

 Weaker sales in South America and Asia resulted in a 2.5 percent decrease in GM global sales in the first quarter. North American sales rose 1.2 percent but U.S. sales were flat as the company cut back on sales to rental companies. The General will report on quarterly earnings on Thursday.  


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