Auto News for April 15

 Subaru Isle of Man car

 Behold the Subaru “Isle of Man” car! The automaker will try to set a new course record at one of the most challenging road courses in the world. In 2014, Subaru broke their own previous Isle of Man lap record on the 37-mile course with an average lap speed of 117.510 mph and a time of 19 minutes and 15 seconds. 

 The head of Fiat Chrysler is not giving up hope of a merger. Reuters said Sergio Marchionne sees Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford as potential merger partners saying the need to consolidate does not go away. You will remember that his overtures to GM were rejected and when it comes to mergers it takes two tango. FCA’s Chairman, John Elkann, said the automaker could save $10 billion a year if it married one of the “big guys.”

 For those of you keeping score, orders for the lower priced Tesla Model 3 are now nearing the 400,000 mark according to one company official. Tesla VP Diarmuid O’Connell said the yet to be built car has exceeded all of the company’s expectations.

 You have undoubtedly seen members of Best Buy’s Geek Squad in their VW Beetles on their way to debug a computer. But the Beetles are being replaced with the Toyota Prius. Best Buy signed a deal to acquire over 1,000 of the hybrids citing their “innovative engineering and environmental advantages.”

 Ford announced that its European sales rose 8.4 percent in the first quarter. Fiat Chrysler said March sales were up 13.3 percent there.  

 Maryland lawmakers have passed a bill that would prohibit carmakers from punishing dealers if they share with customers any communication from manufacturers that impacts “motor vehicle safety, durability, reliability, or performance.” Backers said the measure would overturn the so called ‘gag rule’ carmakers impose on dealers that deprive drivers from information about a “serious, and sometime deadly, defect until or unless the problem prompts a recall.” The measure now goes to Governor Larry Hogan.

 Ward’s has announced their Ten Best Interiors for 2016.             They are:

 Audi TTS

 BMW 7-Series

 Cadillac XT5

 Chevy Camaro

 Chrysler Pacifica

 Honda Civic

 Lexus RX

 Mercedes GLC

 Nissan Maxima

Volvo XC90



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