Auto News for April 5

 This is a morning for blood pressure raising video. The first comes from Nissan and proclaims that at some point, the GT-R NISMO will set some kind of world’s record. Exactly which one is not clear, but I thought readers might get a kick out of the video, all 16 seconds of it.

 The second video is an eye catcher and centers around Ford’s preparation for the return of its GT to Le Mans.

 The GT’s return to the historic race will mark the 50th anniversary of Ford’s 1966 overall victory in the endurance contest. (Thanks to an avid reader and Ford fan for pointing this one out.)

 Meanwhile Ford will invest $170-million in its plant in Pretoria, South Africa to produce a new SUV called the Everest. A total of 1,200 new jobs will be created.

 Enterprise is adding the Aston Martin DB9 and the Rapide S to its Exotic Car Collection, making it the largest fleet of Aston’s for the well-heeled renter. The cars will be available at 30 Enterprise locations including Atlanta, Houston, Orlando, Dallas, San Francisco, Southern California, Naples, Miami, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Las Vegas.

 A funeral home in Sheridan, Michigan, has added a custom-built motorcycle hearse to its fleet “for families who want an unforgettable way to bring their loved one to the cemetery.”

motorcycle hearse

 “I believe funerals should be about celebrating a person’s life and not just mourning their death,” said Bill Simpson Jr., owner of Simpson Family Funeral Homes. “I strive to give families as many options as possible and help them celebrate their loved one’s life and I really feel this motorcycle hearse will do just that.”

 The result is a custom built production of Tombstone Hearse & Trike in Arizona. “I’m proud to say that after being in business for 14 years, this is the most unique model that we have built and the only one with a unique custom paint scheme,” said Jack Feather, Tombstone’s owner. You have to admit, it’s unique.





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