Auto News for April 4

  Tesla 3

 Tesla said reservations for its Model 3 now total 276,000 plus. Elon Musk continues to bat out tweaks promoting the car and setting the stage for a production unveiling some in the future. That does keep the P.R. pot boiling among the faithful. If all goes according to plan, the $35,000 car should appear late next year.

  Wrapping up the March auto sales that were not always vigorous.

 Hyundai said it set an all-time monthly sales record in March but year-over-year sales were basically flat. The same for Kia.

 A 12.5 percent decrease in sales was reported by BMW despite strong demand for some of its X1 and X3 models. The company cited a “tumultuous first quarter of the year for business in the U.S. with plenty of volatility even in the premium vehicle segment.”

 Sales rose 1 percent at Porsche year-over-year.

 And Subaru said supply constraints resulted in just a 0.4 percent gain over March of 2015.

 All this may raise concerns that the record hot month after month sales gains are cooling despite good numbers   from Ford, Fiat Chrysler, and Honda. Many analysts believe automakers will have to continue raising incentives to lure in customers and build sales.

 The top selling car last month remained the Toyota Camry despite a 9.3 percent sales decline.

 It was followed by the Nissan Altima, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and the Honda Accord. Ford’s Fusion was the best-selling domestic car.

 Automotive News said the printed owner’s manual may be about to follow the spare tire into the history books. All that information, that polls show very few owners ever refer to, is being moved over a vehicles’ computer screen. Of course, that means potentially vital information would be unavailable if the vehicle conks out on a rural dark road.




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