Auto News for March 31

  Tesla will garner a lot of the headlines today as it unveils its lower priced offering – the Model 3 – that already has some fans camping out at showrooms to place a deposit. The Model 3 is expected to carry a price tag of $35,000, or substantially less than other Teslas as the company tries for a bigger share of the mass market. The 3 is not expected to be delivered to customers until late next year. It is expected to be about the size of the BMW 3-series.

 If there seemed to be more cars than usual on the road during your summer vacation last year, you were right! The Federal Highway Administration reports that motorists drove 3.14 trillion miles in 2015, and that is a record. Low gas prices are thought to be a major factor.

 A Manhattan jury has found that GM’s faulty ignition switch was not the cause of a crash on a New Orleans bridge in 2014. The panel ruled the fender bender was caused by a rare ice storm that hit the area. This marks the second consecutive case of its kind won by GM.

 Kia’s all new 2016 Optima has received the highest possible crashworthiness rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The Top Safety Pick Plus rating was given to the car when equipped with optional front crash prevention.




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