Auto News for March 22

You may remember that virtually all automakers reached agreement with safety agencies to make automatic braking standard on most models within six years. Now Toyota has announced it will make it standard equipment on virtually all of its Toyota and Lexus offerings by the end of next year. “High-level driver assist technologies can do more than help protect people in the event of a crash; they can help prevent some crashes from ever happening in the first place,” said CEO of Toyota Motor North America.
Porsche will unveil a new base model Macan crossover at the New York show on that will sport not the current standard equipment 340 horsepower V6 engine, but a four rated at 252 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque and sell for $7,000 less than the current base model offering, according to the Detroit News. That would put the MSRP at $48,550 that will also give the owner a 15 percent gain in miles per gallon. The significantly lighter Macan will still take only 6.1 seconds to hit 60 from a stop.
The ten speed transmission might be what an old friend of my family would call, “The coming thing.” A top GM official said a ten speed automatic will be featured on the 2017 Camaro and seven other upcoming GM models. The tranny was a joint development project with Ford that will put one in the Ford Raptor first. The two automakers are believed to also be working on a nine speed for use in front drive models.
A study from personal finance website finds there is a $7,216 cost difference between owning a car in Michigan and New Hampshire. The study found Michigan is the most expensive place to own a car with a total cost for 3 years of ownership coming in at $15,314. In New Hampshire, the cost was $8,098 helped by the fact the state does not have a general sales tax.
Other cheap states to own wheels are Missouri, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Virginia. California is the second most expensive state followed by the District of Columbia, New Jersey, Florida and Maryland.
Of the time spent in the car buying process, 60 percent is allocated to using third-party sites or apps to research and shop online. That’s according to a new study conducted for Autotrader and IHS Automotive. It found that of the 88 percent of shoppers using the Internet for vehicle shopping, 78 percent use third-party sites or apps. The study points up how important it is for dealers to spell out what kind of shopping experience customers may experience and what sets them apart from the competition, the authors said. Customer satisfaction falls 20 points if the consumer has to interact with four or more people at the dealership.

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