Toyota announced it will roll out the “next mechanical marvel in the Prius lineup at the New York Auto Show on March 23. It released a teaser photo of the taillights of the car. Automotive News said the betting is it will be a Prius plug-in model.

A total of 278 institutional investors worldwide have filed a $3.7 billion lawsuit against Volkswagen, the largest legal action yet against the firm in Germany over the diesel pollution scandal. The investors allege VW did not release timely information about the matter. There has been no comment from VW.

Pick the perfect bracket in March Madness and auto shopping site Car Lister will reward you with a voucher for a Lamborghini valued at up to $500,000. “The way I see it, if you pick the perfect bracket you deserve to drive the perfect car …“ said Bryan Harmon of Car Lister’s parent company. If you are a college hoops expert, you can get further details at

Used car prices rose in February for 20 straight years. Until last month that is. The NADA said used car prices actually fell by nearly 1 percent last month, mainly due to a reduction in the amount paid for used cars sold at auction.

Recently found in an old warehouse in North Dallas and soon to auctioned were two 1970 Ford Boss 302 Mustangs race customer ordered direct from the company. The two cars have been sitting idle under taps for over two decades. Dallas Online Auction Company will sell them online only on March 24th at 6 PM.

People who don’t own a car but want to drive for Lyft will be offered short-term rentals from GM under a new agreement between the two firms. The program will debut in Chicago and expand to other cities over time. The rental program will last one to eight weeks and the fee will be determined by how many trips the drivers accumulate.




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