Auto News for March 8

Auto News for March 8

2016 Chrysler 200 Limited

 Fiat Chrysler has extended a shutdown of its Sterling Heights plant from six weeks to nine weeks affecting about 2,600 workers, according to the Detroit News. The plant produces the Chrysler 200 midsize sedan (pictured) that the company has announced will be discontinued along with the Dodge Dart. The plant is expected to be closed now until April 4, the paper said.

 Current low gas prices aside, if you are thinking about the purchase of a Toyota Prius, you might want to take a test ride in the Camry Hybrid sedan Full details in the upcoming Saturday road test.

 Car and car parts dealers had sales of $1.0 trillion, representing an increase of 6.5 percent over the previous year, according to new stats just out from the Census Bureau. The figures were contained in its 2014 Annual Trade Survey. New car dealers saw sales increase 6.8 percent while gas station sales fell for the second consecutive year.

 Porsche is one of the firms that has suspended its sponsorship agreement with tennis star Maria Sharapova. She failed a drug test ahead of the Australian Open – a medication that she was taking on the advice of her family doctor. Porsche said it was “postponing planned activities” with her until the situation becomes clearer.

 “Substantial and painful” are the words a top VW official used to describe the financial damage that might occur from the diesel emissions scandal. CEO Matthias Mueller addressed workers at the company headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. He said the scandal will keep VW busy for a long time, according to Automotive News Europe. Another official, Board Member Stephen Weil said he expected for more bad news to emerge this year as investigations into the matter continue.




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