Auto News for Feb. 29 – Opel GT!!!

 Opel-GT-Concept-298984 (1)

 The Geneva Auto Show opens to the press tomorrow and if I were giving an Academy Award for the most eye catching vehicle that I have seen pre-show, it would have to be the Opel GT Concept. “We are taking the next step toward even more emotion and driving pleasure with the Opel GT Concept,” said Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, adding, “We are confident, ambitious, innovative, and we want (to) win over more customers with every new car.” Opel has downplayed European speculation that it might actually make a production version of the GT. You can watch a 75 second video of the car here:

If I were living in Europe, I would want one.

Emission and PR problems aside, Forbes reports that Volkswagen was the world’s largest automaker in January producing 847,000 vehicles and topping Toyota. Some experts doubt that VW can maintain its lead.

And speaking of sales, automakers will report tomorrow on February sales here in the U.S. The numbers, and all of the experts agree, are expected to be robust. Some have taken the leap, (Okay, bad pun,) and predicted all-time record sales numbers for the month.

Several reports say Daimler, the parent of Mercedes Benz, has received a request from the EPA about emission levels in some of its cars. The company said it conforms to all rules and is fully cooperating with the agency. No comment thus far from EPA.



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