Auto News for Feb. 17

Auto News for Feb. 17

 Your kids will be able to drive a $500 Tesla Model S sometime in May thanks to Radio Flyer. It will manufacture a small Model S that, or course, will be all-electric with the availability of a bigger battery for longer drives between charging stops. Marketwatch said the toy car will be a joint venture between the two companies. See more at:

 General Motors has been working to bring all of its powertrain engineering resources together in one location, in this case, the old Michigan home of the Pontiac division, according to Forbes. Now GM has come up with a name for that group – GM Global Propulsion Systems. That sounds better than the old name – GM Powertrain.

 A base model 2017 Chevy Acadia will cost $1,905 less than the 2006 model at $29,995, but upscale trim levels will cost more. The Detroit Free Press said all trim levels will carry a new IntelliLink system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. For 2017 the Acadia has gone on a 700 pound diet with more car like steering, according to the Detroit Free Press.

 Aston Martin announced today it has agreed to a joint venture with LeEco, a Chinese technology group, to produce its first all-electric car that could hit the market in 2018. The announcement came at a joint news conference in Frankfurt. Aston and LeEco will also collaborate with the start-up electric company Farady Future. Aston Martin is talking performance here with estimates of a top speed of 203 mph and a 0-60 streak of 4.3 seconds.



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