Auto News for Jan. 26 – Vibrating Gas Pedals!

Get ready for the active gas pedal. It is a device developed by Bosch that will deliver a vibration to the driver’s foot in various circumstances such as entering a sharp turn at a high rate of speed. It can also alert drivers if they are exceeding the speed limit. Bosch claims the device can improve gas mileage by 7 percent. On hybrids, it can let the operator know when the gas engine is about to fire up and take over from the electric moor, so they can lighten the amount of pressure on the gas pedal.

Ford is expanding its recall of vehicles with defective Takata airbag inflators. It will now cover 391,395 Ranger trucks manufactured from 2004 to 2006.

Baron’s is reporting that Tesla’s 2015 fourth quarter earnings will be affected by the slower than expected roll out of the Model X. It said that J.P. Morgan has lowered its fourth quarter earnings estimate for Tesla to a dime per share from 26 cents. After the announcement, Tesla shares dropped to their lowest price since April of last year.

Honda announced it will start leasing its fuel cell sedan, the Clarity, in California before the year ends. Retail sales are expected to follow soon thereafter. The new Clarity will be smaller than the current model and more powerful.


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