Auto News for Jan. 25 – Snow up to …

The lights are on, the snow has piled up 26 inches deep, but we are back with the day’s auto news! We were lucky.  One location in West Virginia received 41 inches!

Detroit was not touched by the Blizzard of ’16 so attendance at the big auto show totaled 815,575, or well above last year’s turnout. The Washington D.C. show was scheduled to open Saturday, the 23rd, but now will open to the public until tomorrow. Officials in the District, Maryland and Virginia are still urging people to just stay home as the cleanup operation continues. Governments, including the Fed are closed, as are virtually all schools.

Saying there is no reasonable path to profitability; Ford is shutting down all operations in Japan and Indonesia this year. GM halted production of its vehicles in Indonesia last year. In Japan, Ford sold about 5,000 vehicles last year with a slim 1.5 percent of the market. It will shutter 52 dealerships there.

Honda’s HR-V has been named Green SUV of the Year and the Volvo XC90 Luxury Green Car of the Year, by the Green Car Journal.


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