A Minivan? YES!

chrysler Pacifica

Detroit Auto Show – First Unveil

The first unveil of the 2016 show was two minivans from Chrysler carrying the familiar Pacifica name for 2017. But that was all that was carried over.

Chrysler maintains this is the first minivan that your kids will allow you to pick them up in at the move theater.

There will be two models, a gas powered van with a 3.6  liter V6 and a nine speed automatic with an estimated 28 mpg, or a hybrid that Chrysler claims will be the “world’s first and only 80 mpg minivan” with a range of 530 combined gas and electric operating range. Official said owners will be able to complete their daily errands without the gas engine kicking in.

Pacifica will seat eight with the stow and go seats, plus a 20 speaker audio system and rear view screens for the kids that will offer with a variety of games. One is actually a kid’s version of a navigation system that will actually answer that age old question, “Are we there yet?”

The gas powered model will hit the market this spring, with the hybrid coming later this year.

“It’s going to basically change the entire paradigm of what people know about minivans in this segment,” said Bruce Velisek, director – Chrysler brand product marketing.

Check back… I will have more from the show as the day rolls along.


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