Auto News for Jan. 8 Detroit Auto Show Preview


The eyes of the auto world turn to the Motor City next Monday and Tuesday for the North American International Auto Show.

A long day of introductions begins on the 11th with the naming of the North American Car & Truck of the Year. The finalists:

Chevy Malibu

Honda Civic

Mazda MX-5 Miata

Finalist for Truck/Utility of the Year:

Honda Pilot

Nissan Titan XD

Volvo XC90

The winners are selected by a jury of 53 automotive journalists from the U.S. and Canada.

With that out of the way, here is a preview of some of the cars, concepts, trucks and utes that will keep an estimated 5,000 reporters from all over the world hopping around Cobo Hall.

Acura Precision Concept

Acura has more than the incredible NSX to crow about. It will show off the “Precision Concept” that “will help set the direction for future Acura design, in particular, the next generation of performance-luxury sedans.” The wraps come off on Tuesday.


Audi may display the Q6 Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV at the show but with more certainty we can say the 2017 A4 will make its North American debut. Under the hood will be a 2.0-liter, 252 horsepower turbocharged four and, of course, both front drive and Quattro all-wheel drive will be available.

The night before the show starts, the rumor mill has it that Buick will hatch something new. It has scheduled an off-site event and usually means the reveal will not be something mundane. More certain is the appearance of the Envision, the Chinese built crossover.

Fiat Chrysler Chief Sergio Marchionne has confirmed that the 2017 Chrysler Town and Country van will make its debut. He has told dealers to expect the new vans in the next 24 to 30 months. A plug-in hybrid is expected to be part of the mix.

Dealers have been asking for them, and now it appears their dreams will be answered at the GMC stand. The Detroit News reports a midsize Acadia will make its debut at the show on Tuesday.

Honda Ridgeline

Honda’s latest take on pickup trucks, the redesigned Ridgeline, will light up its stage. Production of Honda’s only pickup stopped near the end of 2014. The new design is expected to largely echo that of the new Pilot. It is expected to go on sale in late spring.

Genesis Brand Launches its First Model, G90

You might remember that Hyundai announced the expansion of its Genesis brands into a whole new lineup of luxury cars. Now the first offering, the G90, will make its U.S. debut at the show. The full size sedan is already on sale in South Korea where it is known as the EQ900. It has a system that automatically adjusts the seat, steering-wheel, outside mirror and head-up display to the optimal position for the driver’s body. But that feature may not make it to the U.S.


If the rumors are correct and that appears to be the case, Lexus will show off the LC, the real life version of the two door coupe concept that debuted in 2012 as the LF-LC. Lexus did not offer a teaser photo of the car, only a road with a lot of burned rubber on it. I think this might be a fast car when it hits showrooms, perhaps in 2018. Think 5.0-liter V8. The LF-LC is pictured.

Continental interior

The production version of the Lincoln Continental could be the most talked about debut at the show as Ford tries to instill more life into its luxury brand. A concept wowed ‘em at the New York Show last year. I offer a picture of the rather snazzy interior of the concept. Car & Driver predicts the real thing will make its market debut later this year.

Porsche turbo

I would think all 5,000 journalists will be at the Porsche stand for the U.S. debut of the 911 Turbo and the Turbo S coupe. Thanks to some internal tinkering, the 3.8-liter twin turbo flat-6 gets 20 more horsepower for a total of 540 and both models will scare the hell out of passengers with a 0-60 run in under three seconds. They are cheap if you hit the Powerball’s top prize tomorrow with prices starting at $160,195 for the Turbo and $189,095 for the S model. Breathtaking would be the word to describe a drive in either one.

There will be many other debuts on Monday and Tuesday and I invite you to check back frequently for updates RIGHT HERE. And tell your car buff friends too!!!


Volkswagen is assuming it will have to buy back about 115,000 of its diesel models in the U.S. that do not meet emission standards. That is according to the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. It said VW would refund the purchase price or offer a new car at a discount to about one-fifth of the diesel owners. The rest would bring their cars in for a retrofit that could take a significant amount of time, the newspaper said.




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