Auto News for Dec. 29 – Audi Q2, X-Men Kia

Scheduled to be unveiled at the Geneva show next year is a new Audi, the Q2, a compact crossover that will do sales battle in the hottest segment of the U.S. market. Previously, Audi had announced it would build the Q1, so there is some confusion over whether the Q2 might replace it. Audi also announced it will “present the successor” of the Q5 next year and that it plans major investments in alternative drive systems with the “first large-series battery-electric vehicle” to be launched in 2018.

Kia Apocalypse

And here comes a special one-off X-Men-inspired Kia Sportage that will debut at the 2016 Australian Open tennis championship. It is part of the brand’s collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox and the X-Men movie franchise. You can see more from January 4, 2016 on when Kia releases an online video of the vehicle with Rafael Nadal at:

You might remember that Hyundai announced it will enter the luxury car market with an expanded Genesis brand. Now it’s really getting serious with the hiring of former Lamborghini executive Manfred Fitzgerald who will be in charge of “brand strategy, marketing, and other business operations” for the Genesis lineup. He was formerly director of brand and design at Lambo.

There is quite a battle going on for control of Manny, Moe & Jack, the Pep Boys, and it involves names you know – Carl Icahn and Bridgestone Tires. Icahn is now offering to take control of the firm for $18.50 a share topping the Bridgestone offer of $17 a share. Pep Boys board has declared Icahn’s offer is the best one on the table, and is moving to end an earlier takeover agreement with Bridgestone.

Air Touch

BMW will show off “AirTouch” at the Consumer Electronics show to “demonstrate what the interior and the user interface of the future might look like.” It is an upgrade of a system now in the 7-series. Entertainment, navigation and communication functions will be controlled by simple gestures made with a flat hand by either the driver or passenger. So it would be like a touchscreen that you don’t have to touch. Basically, sensors would record the hand movements in the area between the central console and the interior mirror and would also allow 3D control. One would assume the occupants would have to learn a series of hand movements to make the whole thing work, and this could get interesting. J







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