Auto News for Dec. 24

Mark Phelan has an interesting story on the Detroit Free Press website on the cars and trucks that will go out of production in the New Year. The Nissan Xterra is one that I will miss having seriously considered one for purchase a few years ago. But when I checked, the off roader was too tall to fit in the parking garage I used at the National Press Club building in downtown D.C. The backup garage was even shorter. The paper’s web site also has a photo feature of the new vehicles that will debut next year, many at the Detroit show in roughly two weeks.

Honda Jet

Honda has begun deliveries of its new business jet after receiving certification of the aircraft from the FAA. The factory is located in Greensboro N.C. Honda said the “Over-The-Wing” engine design allows for a quieter and more spacious cabin. It will seat up to five passengers.

As you may have guessed auto news will be on the light side with the holiday weekend just ahead of us. The news column will resume on Monday, Dec. 28. I wish all of you a very happy holiday and may one of your very special dreams come true in 2016!

The Saturday Road Test column will resume on Jan. 2 with my selection for Car of the Year. Don’t miss it!



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