Auto News for Dec. 21

2017 Acura NSX

 This has worked out to be a Honda/Acura kind of morning. Acura announced its very sexy NSX will carrying an MSRP of $156,000 and it will begin taking customer orders on Feb. 25. The very first NSX will be auctioned for charity at Barrett-Jackson in January. Proceeds will go to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Camp Southern Ground, the project of Grammy Award winning artist Zac Brown.

Acura Precision Concept

Acura released a teaser photo of the “Precision Concept” that it will unveil at the Detroit auto show next month. It said the car “will help set the direction of future Acura design, in particular, the next generation of performance-luxury sedans.” We will learn more on January 12th.

Honda Ridgeline

The day before in Detroit, Honda will get to crow about its new Ridgeline pickup that will hit the road in the first half of 2016. It was designed and developed at Honda’s R&D center in Torrance, California and is said to be “fundamentally better suited to the way many buyers use their truck.” The Ridgeline will make its TV debut during the third quarter of the Super Bowl.  A “freshened” CR-V will also be on display at the Detroit show that will open to the press three weeks from today.

Almost one in three Brits have admitted to driving the morning after when they believe they may still be drunk from the night before. Honda dealers in Britain will be giving away personal breathalyzers during the holidays. Driving or attempting to drive while above the legal limit there could get someone 6 months in jail, an unlimited fine, and a driving ban for at least one year or up to three years, according to the web site GOV.UK. The penalty is largely up to the magistrate hearing the case.

The smog is so bad in Beijing the government has ordered half of all private cars off the streets and ordered factories to close. The “Red Alert” is the city’s highest level and will remain in effect through Tuesday. It is also the second Red Alert this month. Schools are closed and people have been urged to remain indoors.

Mazda said its 2016.5 CX-5 will get some additional equipment. A backup camera will be standard equipment on models equipped with the six-speed automatic transmission. Touring models will get navigation as standard equipment along with heated front seats.





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