Auto News for Nov. 4

All-new Mazda CX-9 three-row crossover to be introduced at L.A. Auto Show (PRNewsFoto/Mazda Motor Corporation)

Mazda has confirmed that it will unveil a three row midsize CX-9 at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show. We should learn much more when they take the wraps off on Nov. 18th.  A teaser drawing was also released.

Hyundai’s Genesis will no longer be lonesome. It will become a lineup of six luxury vehicles with the roll out of the first car in December. The remainder will appear over a period of years with the last rolling out by 2020. Hyundai said it will be a stand-alone brand that operates alongside the current lineup. They said the new Genesis lineup will offer customers a “hassle free” experience.

Federal safety agencies have levied a $70-million fine against Takata for failing to notify authorities about faulty air bags in at least 19-million vehicles. That fine could grow much larger, to $200-million, if the company fails to comply with commitments it made in consent orders.

Takata’s largest customer, Honda, said it will no longer use the company’s air bag inflators in its new vehicles and is working with new suppliers to replace those parts in cars already on the road. Takata said it will no longer use ammonium nitrate in its inflators that can burn too hot and cause the airbags to explode.

Tesla may have posted a loss, but Wall St. is not concerned since it topped its quarterly delivery expectations and was optimistic looking forward. After Tesla released its numbers its shares moved higher in late trading yesterday and posted another strong gain in early trading this morning. Traders liked the fact that it delivered 11,603 vehicles in the quarter, slightly ahead of forecasts.



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