Auto News for Oct. 28


Say hello to the Lexus LF-FC that its maker says “offers a peak into the design and technology direction of the brands future flagship sedan.” Unveiled at the Tokyo auto show, it is powered by a high output fuel cell system that drives the rear wheels, and also sends power to two in-wheel motors in front. Audio and ventilation can be controlled by simple hand gestures, while the rear seats are designed for those “who enjoy being driven” with a reclining feature and high quality aniline leather all around. At 208.7 inches it is about three inches longer than the Lexus LS.


A 1931 Cadillac Fleetwood featuring 23.7 carat gold leaf clad bodywork, silver external door handles and 24 carat gold plated internal door handles will be the featured attraction at a classic car show in Great Britain. It was reportedly owned by Liberace at one time.

BMW may market a large sedan that will run on hydrogen sometime after 2020. Reuters said it is working with Toyota to perfect a way to compress hydrogen at very low temperature to increase storage capacity and range.

Fresh off its debut on the New York Stock Exchange, Ferrari has posted a record third quarter. New car sales rose 21 percent with strong demand for the 488 GTB, California T, and 458 Speciale.

United Auto Workers Union leaders will now take the proposed contract with GM to the rank and file. They approved the deal yesterday, saying it will improve wages, health care and give members a signing bonus. It would also eliminate, over a period of eight years, the two-tier wage system, a key union goal in its talks with all auto makers. GM also agreed to spend $8.3 billion to upgrade a dozen U.S. plants.

Hyundai has now sold 10 million vehicles here in the United States. It entered the U.S. back in 1986 with a subcompact called the Excel selling 100,000 of them in seven months, an industry record for the most first year sales for an import car company. Over the years, its top selling nameplates have been the Sonata, Elantra, and the Santa Fe/Santa Fe Sport.



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