Auto News for Sept. 29

Vanity plate on a Smart car viewed yesterday:

“High IQ”

Vanity plate on a Toyota van:

“No taxi”

Volkswagen has a plan to refit diesel powered vehicles equipped with software that allowed them to skirt emissions tests, both Reuters and the Wall St. Journal reported this morning. The company was facing an Oct. 7 deadline to come up with a plan. VW’s new chief, Matthias Mueller, made the announcement in a closed door meeting with about 1,000 managers in Germany. Details are to be submitted to regulators, and if they buy in, owners will be asked to visit dealers for a diesel retro fit. With 11 million vehicles worldwide that carry the controversial diesel engine software, this would be one of the biggest recalls in auto history.

Dow Jones announced that Volkswagen shares will be removed from its Sustainability indexes after the close of trading Oct. 5. The index ranks members on economic, environmental, and social issues.

Lear Corp., an auto parts supplier, will build a six-story innovation and design center in downtown Detroit. It will be housed in a renovated 128-year-old building that once was home to a cigar maker. Good news for the beleaguered Motor City.

And good news for Fiat Chrysler. The Postal Service will purchase 9,113 of its Ram ProMaster cargo vans for delivery of large packages.



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