Auto News for Sept. 14


Google’s self-driving car project now has a CEO and he is a good one. John Krafcik will leave his post at TrueCar to head up the Google project later this month. You might remember Krafcik as the president and CEO of Hyundai in the U.S. “This is a great opportunity to help Google develop the enormous potential of self-driving cars. I can’t wait to get started,” Krafcik tweeted.

The target company in contract talks with Detroit’s three automakers will be Fiat Chrysler, the United Auto Workers Union announced. That means the FCA deal, once it is reached, could set the pattern for negotiations with GM and Ford. One of the union’s goals is to close the wage gap that exists between senior and junior assembly line workers.


Press days begin tomorrow at the Frankfurt Auto Show and Bentley will generate more than a few headlines with its first SUV. Yes, you read that correctly – a Bentley SUV. Named the Bentayga it will carry a 600 horsepower engine with 663 lb-ft of torque from its 12 cylinders matched to an 8-speed transmission and a top speed of 187 mph. Modestly, Bentley calls it, “the fastest, more powerful, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world.”

Subaru announced its 2016 Impreza will carry a starting price of $18,295, a gain of $100 over the existing model. The entry price for the Crosstrek 2.0i remains at $21,595. Both will arrive in showrooms in late fall.

BMW i3 cop car

You know Ford Crown Vics as police cars, but a BMW i3 electric? BMW will loan one to the Los Angeles Police Department complete with its traditional black and white paint job and rooftop light-bar. It will be featured at public events throughout the loan period. The car is pictured with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, Police Chief Charlie Beck and Petter Witt, vice president of BMW’s Western Division. The i3 is the best all electric I have driven, but I doubt it will be involved in many high speed chases.




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