Auto News for Sept. 11

Make of this what you will. Tests conducted by the University of Portsmouth in England have concluded that driving a powerful car can provoke a more dramatic physical response than riding a rollercoaster or jumping out of an airplane. In the performance car, scientists said heart beats per minute increased 100 percent from rest to a level that was four times that of watching a horror movie. That would be 181 beats per minute in the performance vehicle, compared to 170 beats when jumping out of an aircraft and a mere 130 beats of someone proposing to their girl friend. These maxi tests were conducted in connection with Mini.

cadillac XT5

Cadillac used a military heavy lift helicopter to fly its upcoming XT5 crossover over the Hudson River in New York last night so fashionistas  could get a look at it. The demonstration was part of Fashion Week in the city. Caddy maintains it was first time in 15 years that any cargo has flown over Manhattan. The crossover will make its world debut at the Dubai auto show in early November and hit U.S. showrooms early next year. The move of its headquarters to New York, the chopper event and the Dubai introduction are all part of a move by Caddy to change its image, become a world player and attract, it hopes, a younger audience to its showrooms.

Nissan Gripz

Say hello to the Nissan Gripz, a concept crossover that will be unveiled next week at the Frankfurt Auto Show. “The design explores a new sporty direction for a crossover concept and was conceived to create an innovative new driving sensation,” said its maker. We will learn more next Tuesday.

Ford will also display a Ranger pickup at the show.


Honda said its HR-V entry crossover has earned a top 5-star Overall Vehicle Score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Based on the Fit, the HR-V earlier earned a Top Safety Pick rating from the Institute for Highway Safety.


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