Auto News for Sept. 4

Jaguar is cutting prices starting with its 2016 models. It will trim the cost of an XF 35t by $5,275 to $51,900 for example, while adding standard equipment. It will also offer 5-year/60,000 mile free scheduled maintenance.


Starting next spring, Jaguar will offer two new entry level luxury vehicles – the XE compact luxury sedan and the F-PACE compact luxury SUV. Ahead of the SUV’s introduction at the Frankfurt auto show Sept. 14, Jag released a picture of its new vehicle. It said the changes will make the brand “more relevant to a far wider range of potential millennial luxury customers.”

A German business magazine reports that both Mercedes and Audi are working on electric vehicles to take give Tesla some competition. Manager Magazin said Audi will display its Tesla fighter in 2018, likely an electric version of the Q8, but the magazine said the Mercedes may not appear until 2021.

The mayor of Warren Michigan is concerned about the proliferation of used car lots in his city and has asked the planning department to put all new applications on hold until an ordinance can be changed. He told the Detroit News he is concerned that Warren is turning into the “Wild West of car lots.” There are 55 used car businesses in the community.


An historic Corvette, the 1 millionth, has been fully restored after four months and 1,200 man-hours of work. The white 1992 convertible was damaged in February of 2014 when it tumbled into a sinkhole that opened at the National Corvette Museum. Restoration was conducted at the GM Technical Center in Michigan, where workers found that each employee that has assembled the car initially had signed their part of it. “It brought history to life and reinforced the importance of the project,” said GM Executive Vice President Mark Reuss. Only two signed components could not be saved so the team had the autographs scanned, reproduced as transfers and placed on the replacement parts. One part was too damaged to save or accurately scan for an autograph. So, workers tracked down Angela Lamb to secure a new signature on the replacement part. All in all, a great piece of work for GM and its dedicated employees.




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