Auto News for Sept. 1

If contract talks don’t go well, members of the United Auto Workers union have authorized its leaders to call a strike against General Motors. But this does not necessarily mean there will be a walkout in what is perceived to be basically a procedural matter. The union’s contract with GM expires in two weeks, according to the Detroit News.

Automakers will release August sales figures today and they are expected to be vigorous but below those of one year ago. Labor Day sales were included in last year’s sales figures but that will not be the case this time around.

Fiat Chrysler is recalling 206,000 Jeep Cherokees to head off a possible windshield wiper defect. It said the wipers may fail in certain 2014 models due to a possible buildup of static electricity. If you own one of the recalled models, look for a notice in the mail.

The company also announced details of the buyback program stemming from slow recall completion rates and the $105 million in penalties imposed on the auto maker. You can see complete details and determine if your car or truck is included in the program at:




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