Auto News for Aug. 18

Police in Detroit have recovered the 1971 Camaro that belongs to Papa John’s Pizza and was stolen during the annual Dream Cruise event. The Detroit News said it was located between two boarded up houses in the city and first spotted by a lawn maintenance man.

Let’s emphasize that this is a routine event in auto talks. The United Auto Workers will ask members for the right to call a strike against Fiat Chrysler and General Motors if contract talks bog down or hit an impasse, but this does not mean that a walkout will actually occur. A four year contact with the auto companies is coming to an end in mid-September and the main issue will be how much of Detroit’s current sales prosperity will be shared with union members.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Buick would like to start selling a Chinese made crossover here in the U.S. by late next year. It has been a hot seller for the General in China and is about the size of a Honda CRV, so it is right in the middle of the hottest segment of the domestic market. The question of whether the crossover would be imported from China or manufactured here could be a tricky one.

Auto Pacific is out with its list of the vehicles that best meet their owner’s expectations and desires, known as the “Ideal Vehicle Awards.” Porsche ranks as the top luxury brand for the third year in a row while GMC tops popular brand honors for the second year in a row. Ford and Subaru picked up three wins apiece.

The airport in Portland, Oregon now says it has more electric vehicle charging stations than any other airport in the country – 42 of them. They will be available to airport workers and to travelers.

And it is worth noting that to mark its tenth anniversary of supporting Habitat for Humanity, Nissan announced a $1-million grant and the donation of ten vehicles to the organization. Nissan workers will also volunteer to help build housing both in the U.S. and Canada.




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