Auto News for Aug. 17

The big Dream Cruise of classic cars and trucks went off pretty well over the weekend in the Detroit area with the exception of three classic cars reported stolen. The Detroit News reported that one, a 1971 Camaro, belongs to the Papa John’s Pizza Corporation and was used for promotional purposes.

wedding vows

On a brighter note, more than 150 classic car owners renewed their marriage vows in their vehicles at the Dream Cruise. The event was sponsored by Hagerty, a leading insurance provider for classic vehicles. “So many special life moments that create lasting memories are connected to cars. We wanted to find a way to rekindle those memories for couples who love their cars almost as much as they love each other,” said McKeel Hagerty, the insurance firm’s CEO. Pictured are Gordon and Geri Rinschler of Birmingham, Mi., who were married 47 years ago in the very same 1930 Model A Ford.

Those giant explosions and fire in China have forced Toyota to shut down three of its production lines until at least Wednesday. The three lines are in a plant included in the evacuation zone. Another facility further away depends on those facilities for parts, and it too will be idle.

Fiat Chrysler will part of the marketing campaign for the new Star Wars film that will open to popcorn consumers in December. It is not known which models will be included in the campaign. A black Hellcat model called the “Darth Vader?”


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