Auto News for Aug. 10

After a spell of seemingly never ending computer problems, the Auto News desk finally found someone who could find the flaws and get everything up and running again. I am glad to be back with all of you and many thanks to Geeks on Site!

Koenigsegg Michelin L'Eclair

Michelin will bring two very rare vehicles to the upcoming Monterey Car Week. One is the L’Eclair, commissioned by the Michelin brothers’ way back in 1895. It rode on four skinny, white rubber inflated tires that prove once and for all that future cars did not need to ride on solid rubber tires. Of course, that also ushered in the era of the flat tire. Be that as it may, Michelin will also bring the Swedish Koenigsegg One:1’s production car to the show. Rare? You bet! Only seven were ever produced along with one prototype. Its horsepower to curb weight ratio is an astonishing 1:1, an equation once thought impossible to accomplish.

Classic car lovers will gather, maybe one million strong, on the third Saturday in August on Woodward Avenue in Detroit for the annual “Dream Cruise.” From old Javelins to Dodge and Desoto models, they will all be in the parade and maybe a new generation will get a chance to ask Dad, “What’s an Edsel.” As the Detroit News points out, if you like a certain car built between 1908 and 1970 you are likely to see it and not just once but several times.

And speaking of memory flogging cars, anyone remember the Skoda? The brand has not been offered here for many years, but J.D. Power said it has the highest vehicle dependability among all nameplates in the U.K. It was followed by Suzuki and Nissan. Skoda is a Czech manufacturer founded way back in 1895 and is now part of the Volkswagen family.

And speaking of cars that you can no longer buy new here, if I had the chance, there would be a Peugeot 404 in my personal fleet. The quirky 4 door was my first car and took me all over Europe and to my family home in Sweden with never a break down. It was fast enough to pass VW bugs and old Fiats on the Autobahn, but one had to quickly cede the left lane to Porsches and Mercedes!


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