Auto News for July 15


UAW Local 276 worker Everett Glen Wilson is completing visual inspections on the Customer Acceptance Review Evaluation line at the Arlington Assembly in Arlington, Texas. This care line is used to confirm quality during the final review before vehicles are shipped to customers. GM announced today it will invest $1.4 billion, which allows for a new paint shop, body shop and reconfiguration.

GM will spend $1.4 billion to upgrade an Arlington, Texas plant that produces its larger SUVs – GM’s largest plant investment this year. The changes will include a new paint shop, body shop and general assembly area upgrades. Production schedules for Chevy Tahoes, and Suburbans, GMC Yukons and Yukon XLs and Cadillac Escalades will be unaffected by the construction. GM said the upgrade reflects its commitment to full size SUV’s.

CSX ARZ  3-9-15 015

Ford has issued a stop sale on its new Edge model due to the possibility of water leaks in vehicles produced through April, 28, 2015. Ford said water could enter the cabin through a sheetmetal joint in the front pillar, just behind the hood hinge. One of the affected models was being tested by Consumer Reports that found wet carpet on the driver’s side after a trip through a car wash. CR said models without the leak will get a urethane sealer at the dealership. Those with the leak will be held for three days at the garage for evaluation, with owners offered a loaner. So if you have a new Edge, check the carpeting and consult with your dealer.

Fiat Chrysler Chief Sergio Marchionne told the New York Times that he will make no further overtures to General Motors. GM rejected a merger deal four months ago and Marchionne told the paper he will not go back to that well again. FCA yesterday started talks with the United Auto Workers on a new master contact.

Toyota is recalling 109,000 Prius v hybrids produced between May 2010 and November 2014. A software setting could allow the vehicle to enter the “failsafe” mode and in some circumstances the hybrid system might shut down while the vehicle is being driven. Owners will be notified by mail, or you could also check with your dealer.

In a settlement with the Justice Department and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Honda’s consumer finance unit will pay up to $25 million to settle claims that minority borrowers were overcharged by dealers for their loans. The Justice Department said the finance unit allowed dealers to charge higher interest rates to Asian, Hispanic and African-American customers. American Honda Finance said it “strongly opposes any form of discrimination” and will make changes in its loan programs.

Guess what? The group behind the nation’s auto shows conducted a poll that concluded the extravaganzas can lead customers to dealer showrooms and what they saw at the shows influenced their purchase. Well, after all, wasn’t that the whole idea?

Hyundai said the 2016 Tucson crossover that will hit showrooms later this month will carry a starting price of $22,700. The starting price of a 2015 model was $21,650 according to Hyundai’s web site.




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