Auto News for July 10


This much we know. Ford will move production of the Focus and the hybrid C-Max out of a plant in Michigan in 2018. What we don’t know where the production is going but it is likely headed to a plant with lower production costs. Most of the speculation centers on Mexico after Ford announced in April that it would make a $2.5 billion investment in two engine and transmission plants in Mexico and create 3,800 jobs. The announcement came as Detroit’s three automakers gear up for the start of negotiations with the UAW for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Those talks will begin next Tuesday and one of the big union’s goals is job protection.

Fiat Chrysler announced it will invest $116-million in a plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan that produces body panels and assemblies for various vehicles. No new jobs will be created as the plant installs new machinery.

The auto industry may be Tennessee’s biggest exporter for both assembled vehicles and parts. The Times Free Press newspaper reports motor vehicle exports from the state have more than doubled in the last 15 years. Nissan VW and GM have plants in Tennessee and there more than 900 parts suppliers.

And take this one to the water cooler this morning. In New Zealand, a teenager was arrested by police for drunk driving. He was well over the blood alcohol level for his age. So, of course, his mother was summoned to pick him. The problem was she was arrested en route for drunk driving as well. So the mother called her partner to bail the two of them, out and guess what? Police arrested him when he exceeded the legal blood alcohol level. Sometimes ya just gotta for the trifecta.



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