Auto News for July 6

Headline of the morning award winner:

“Putting foot on the brake essential to shift out of Park.” It appeared in the Boston Herald.

This one was the runner up only because it had nothing to do with cars, but I would be remiss if I did not include it:

“Calais man dies after setting off fireworks from atop his head.” Portland (Maine) Press Herald.



Subaru has launched a new summer ad campaign following a bucket-list weekend enjoyed by a man and his dog, set to a song by Willie Nelson. The ad includes a bittersweet reunion with the dog’s long-lost love. If you have not seen the ad, here is a link.

It is a fine bit of advertising.

The Monday question: What auto company will be the first to sign up a member of the World Cup winning U.S. women’s soccer team to endorse their product? Congrats all around to a fine team!!!! is out with a list of the most affordable 3-row crossovers and it is topped by the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL. The Toyota Highlander was second followed by the Hyundai Santa Fe GLS, and the Ford Explorer and the Honda Pilot. It said the Mitsubishi “is the perfect option for someone looking for the room and utility of a 3-row crossover, but considers cost savings to be their highest priority.”

Ducati wants you to know they sold 32,600 motorcycles worldwide in the first half of the year and that is a record. The hot seller was the Ducati Scrambler.

Honda’s new CEO said management will not rush new products to market saying there may be instances where teams need more time to make the best product. Takahiro Hachigo said core brands such as the CR-V and Accord will “undergo full model changes in the future to make them more attractive vehicles that feature more new technologies, higher competitiveness and innovative designs.”






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