Auto News for July 2


Sorry for being a bit late on this one, but it is worth noting that the last Thunderbird rolled off the assembly line on July, 1, 2005 due to sagging sales. I test drove one of the last generation models to historic Annapolis, Maryland, where it caught the eyes of many passersby who wanted to know more about it. Alas, not enough of them to continue production as it turned out.

Fiat Chrysler came under fire during a rare public hearing for its handling of 23 recalls covering more than 11 million vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted the hearing and Administrator Mark Rosekind said later FCA faces an unspecified penalty for its handling of the recalls. FCA officials admitted the company fell short regarding recalls, outlined ways it said it was correcting the problem and said it would work more closely with the safety agency. Reports indicate FCA could face fines, or a demand for a buyback of certain models, among other penalties.

London electric bus

Some of London’s double decker buses are going electric. The company that operates the buses has signed a contract with BYD – a company that has built over 5,000 electric buses globally. A fully electric bus will make trial runs in October.


Anyone driving along the 405 freeway in Fountain Valley, California got the word that Hyundai is now the official automotive sponsor of the NFL. Hyundai used projection mapping technology to display the company and NFL logos over a football field background on the west side of its headquarters building. The display was 250 feet wide by 60 feet tall.





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