Auto News for June 16

Honda is dropping the natural gas powered Civic along with the plug-in hybrid version. It will also halt production of the plug-in rechargeable Accord, all due to slow sales and low gas prices. Officials said production of the natural gas powered model has already come to an end, and the plug in will disappear at the end of the 2015 model year.

Honda has also expanded the nationwide recall of products with the Takata airbags by nearly 1.4 million. Now included in the call back are the 2003-07 Accord models and the 2001-05 Civics.

Subaru Forester

Subaru announced that its popular Forester will carry a starting price of $22,395 for the 2016 model, an increase of $200. The company announced record sales in May, the 15th consecutive month that sales topped the 40,000 mark.

There is little interest in remote start or automatic parking options outside of younger American consumers and luxury car owners, according to a study from Strategy Analytics. It said there is a “disconnect” between those who would be interested in such features and those that actually purchase vehicles.

May passenger car sales rose nine percent in Europe for Fiat Chrysler and the company claims to have outpaced the industry for a fifth consecutive month. Overall, vehicle registrations rose 1.4 percent in Europe last month, continuing this year’s positive trend. In case you were wondering, vehicle registrations are the way sales are tabulated in Europe.

Global deliveries rose 5.9 percent for BMW with year to date numbers hitting a record high of 890,937 vehicles. A total of 8,256 i3 electrics have been delivered thus far this year. Look for more on the i3 in an upcoming Saturday road test.

GM and Isuzu will collaborate on the production of commercial trucks – low cab forward models. Isuzu will produce them for GM based on its N-Series of trucks. They will turn up on Chevy lots starting in 2016.





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