Auto News for June 15

Porsches and Audi’s were the top finishers in this year’s 24-hours of Le Man’s race in France. Porsche 919 hybrids finished first and second thus ending Audi’s five year winning streak at the endurance race. An Audi R18 finished in third place this year. It is the 17th overall victory for Porsche and actor Patrick Dempsey was part of the second place team, and was behind the wheel at the end of the race.

Ford GT for Le Mans

Ford announced it will return to Le Mans in 2016 with the new GT thus marking the 50th anniversary of its victory back in 1966.

Audi winner

Audi claims its A6 TDI ultra has set a new Guinness World Record by driving through 14 European countries on a single tank of fuel. That works out to 1158.9 miles without the need for a petrol stop from the Netherlands to Hungary passing through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. The diesel powered Audi is shown during its 28 hour almost non-stop run with two drivers.




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