Auto News for June 10


Mary Barra

General Motors management has said it again – It is not interested in any tie up with Fiat Chrysler. FCA Chief Sergio Marchionne has now taken his case to activist investors and hedge funds but how successful that will be is not clear this morning. GM CEO Mary Barra confirmed the receipt of an e-mail offer from Marchionne but said GM would stick with its ten year for managing the company.

Restoration of the one millionth Corvette that fell into a sinkhole at the national museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is about half complete. The hope is that the 1992 white convertible will be full restored by Labor Day in time for the museum’s 21st anniversary, according to the Detroit News.

Jaguar Land Rover is working on a technology that would warn a driver of large potholes ahead and share that information with other operators. Eventually it could even help drivers steer around those gaping threats and avoid blown tires and possible suspension damage. The technology would be passed on to the autonomous cars of the future and notices would be sent to local governments to get a patch crew to the affected area.

Interest in paying extra at purchase to make a new car a WIFI hotspot remains high, but paying for that amenity is a problem, according to Strategy Analytics. A large portion of consumers favor free connectivity, and among those who are willing to pay, most are not inclined to go for a large up-front cash layout, the company said. In short, a high level of consumer interest does not always translate to a willingness to pay for it.

It is called the Ultimate Driving Experience and I can tell you first hand it is the kind of instruction one should receive before a license is ever issued. The program is backed by BMW and with expert guidance shows drivers how to control their vehicle on slippery surfaces, teaches defensive driving techniques, advance driving theories around a closed course, and demonstrates how its SUVs handle off road challenges. For a fee, there is also a “Car Control Clinic” for more advanced driving instruction in BMW’s sporty M4, M3 or M235i models. Each event will also offer a 20 minute drive in a wide variety of BMW vehicles on public roads. The schedule looks like this:

Washington, DC at FedExField (June 6-14); Seattle, WA at Emerald Downs (July 25 – August 2); Los Angeles, CA at Santa Anita Racecourse (August 15-23); Phoenix, AZ at Phoenix Raceway (September 12-20); Dallas, TX at Lone Star Park (October 3-11); Chicago, IL at Arlington Racecourse (October 24-November 1); New York at Citi Field (November 14-22).

Further information is available on line at:

Drivers must be over 21. If it is coming to a city near you, do check it out.








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