Auto News for June 4

We are taking a day off Friday, but will return for the Saturday road test. See you in the weekend!!!

An old slogan, “its not easy being green,” is really true. reports that customers are not turned on at all by hybrid and electric vehicles that have only a 2.8 percent market share so far this year. As you might have guessed, low gas prices are the main reason why. Yet Tesla continues to do well.

There are a lot of electronic gadgets in cars that owners don’t use and don’t understand, according to a study from SBD, an automotive consultant. Forty three percent of those surveyed said there is too much infotainment technology in their new wheels. Voice recognition that doesn’t work is one of those items, along with hard drives for storing music, smart phone integration and built in aps.

A new report concludes that automakers on the whole, will speed up the introduction of new models and the freshening of existing offerings over the next few years. A study from Bank of America Merrill Lynch called “Car Wars” said Honda will gain market share as its replaces 96 per cent of its lineup over the next four years. GM and Ford should be able to maintain their share of the market through 2019 while some doubt remains if Fiat Chrysler will be able to meet its announced five year plan for model replacement. Yet demand for its Jeep and Ram truck brands should remain strong.


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