Auto News for May 14

©2015 Richard Prince 631-427-0460 (USA)

If you have an interest in the very high performance Viper ACR featured here recently, here is the bottom line. Prices will start at $117,895 excluding delivery and gas guzzler tax. Dodge maintains it turn track times quicker than any Viper built to date. The company is now taking orders!!

Just a reminder that the Saturday Road Test will have all the details that Chevy releases on the 2016 Camaro at a special event on Belle Isle, Michigan. The Detroit News reports that the very first of 49 “pilot-build” original Camaros has been restored. Serial number N100001 will be displayed at Saturday’s event

When it comes to buying a new car, Kelley Blue Book said the best cash back, and or financing deals are offered on the Fiat 500L. It is followed by the Chrysler 200 and the Nissan Leaf. The best lease deal is on a Chevy Spark EV at $139 a month with no cash due at signing.

Jeep is working on a luxury sport utility that targets the Range Rover, according to Bloomberg citing comments from CEO Sergio Marchionne at a dealership in Canada. He said the company should be able to produce a RR competitor and it will. Jeep has been one of Fiat Chrysler’s best-selling brands. When the high lux Jeep will appear and how much it will cost is not known.


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