Auto News for May 13

RR DawnRR dawn1

Rolls-Royce announced that its upcoming Wraith convertible will called “Dawn” and production will begin in early 2016. The name was used once before for just 28 “Drophead” cars produced from 1950 to 1954 making it one of the rarest of Rollers. One of those sleek cars is pictured and it makes me wish that the 2016 Wraith looked like the earlier version. The company had this to say about then Wraith:

“The new Rolls-Royce Dawn is beguilingly visceral. It excites both men and women – they want it, they need it and they want to immerse themselves in it. It is languid and beautiful, fresh and fragrant and awakens the passion of your life.

New life, new possibilities, fresh horizons – a tingling, anticipatory ambience in the air – all signified by a new Dawn.”

The name was announced at a dealer meeting in Los Angeles.

Toyota and Mazda have expanded their existing relationship announcing today they will work together to “enhance each other’s products and technologies.” A joint committee will be set up to evaluate how best to utilize each company’s “respective strengths.” This is expected to come in the areas of fuel economy and green technology. Last November it was announced that Mazda will produce a Toyota brand vehicle at a plant currently under construction in Mexico. One Toyota official characterized the new agreement as an engagement rather than a wedding.

Slowly, Tesla is changing the way cars are sold in this country. The governor of Maryland has signed a measure that will allow Tesla to sell its offerings in four locations. Similar measures have passed in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Georgia that set strict limits on the types of vehicles that can be sold outside traditional dealer networks. Michigan may take another look at the matter after banning direct sales. The Federal Trade Commission staff is urging the state to drop its ban.

Toyota and Nissan have added 6.5 million vehicles worldwide to the list of those being recalled to repair faulty air bag inflators from Takata. The Detroit News said about 637,000 are here in the U.S. including the Nissan Sentra, and Toyota’s Corolla, RAV4, and Tundra truck.



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