Auto News for May 4


GM has knocked $1,200 off the price of the 2016 Chevy Volt that will carry a starting price of $33,395 when it hits showrooms in the fall. That does not include any tax breaks that come with the plug-in hybrid. Chevy maintains that with the federal tax credit, the price can be reduced to $26,495. With low gas prices the Volt has been a slow seller.

Spark 11

The General might be on to something here. Sales of the Spark electric took off last month after Chevy announced a price cut. With incentives, the subcompact urban runabout can be had for just under $15K, and as a result, dealers sold 920 of them last month, or about as many as they normally move out the door in a year. The Spark is sold only in Oregon and California, with Maryland scheduled to join the list shortly.

Porsche sold 5,217 vehicles in North America in April, the first time it has exceeded the 5,000 mark in any single month. Sales were led by the Cayenne and the Macan.

skodafunstar1 Skoda-FUNstar-pickup-truck-concept-11

And tell me they would not sell a ton of these if they were ever brought to market. Pictured is a compact Skoda called the FUNstar pickup truck conceived strictly as a one off concept by a young design team at the Czech automaker. It sports a 1.2-liter engine with a 7-speed DSG transmission and what should be an awesome 1,400 watt sound system with a 200-watt subwoofer. Skoda is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen and is one of the five oldest companies producing cars, according to Wikipedia.


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