Auto News for April 21


Mazda has started production of the redesigned MX-5 Miata that will be shipped to the U.S. The first 1,000 will be a one off “Launch Edition” with lots of standard features, painted Soul Red with a Sport Tan leather interior and a starting price of $30,495. The base model “Sport” edition will start at $24,915, while the MX-5 “Club” will up that to $28,600. The top of the line “Grand Touring” will carry an MSRP of $30,065. Among other things, it will feature 17 inch wheels, leather trimmed heated seats, automatic climate control, and a BOSE nine speaker audio system with headrest speakers.

We will get a good look at how GM is doing on Thursday when the automaker reports on first quarter earnings. The experts are optimistic believing the company will post earnings that are more than triple those of a year earlier. Today, GM reported that first quarter sales in China rose nearly 2 percent.

Electric cars have not exactly been hot sellers outside of some west coast urban markets, but in Norway they now account for a fifth of all new cars sold. Now the government is taking another look at a long list of incentives it has offered to lure people off gasoline, according to Reuters. Some lawmakers are calling for an end to incentives for those who can afford a $100,000 Tesla for example.

Bloomberg News reports that Tesla talked about selling the company to Google back in 2013 when it was suffering financial difficulty. When the idea was being discussed, Tesla’s fortunes turned around and the matter was dropped. Now, if you believe the speculation, Google wants to produce its own electric car.



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