Auto News for April 8

Nissan will develop a midsize pickup truck for Mercedes that, at this point in time, is aimed at markets outside the U.S. The truck will be built at Nissan plants in Argentina and Spain with production set to begin by the end of the decade. Mercedes officials in this country are deciding if there is a market for such a vehicle. It will be a double cab with architecture from the new Nissan NP300 truck, sold as the Frontier in this country, yet with more than a few Mercedes touches. The two automakers are expanding their five year strategic agreement to build the truck.

Cadillac may show off a new midsize SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show this fall, according to the Detroit News. It is expected the new vehicle will replace the SRX in the Caddy lineup with a starting price in the $30K range. By the end of this decade, it may also produce a small car aimed at younger audiences, the paper said.

No details, but the Detroit Free Press reports Ford will announce a new Taurus ahead of the big auto show in Shanghai next month. This one is aimed at China where Ford rang up a one percent sales gain in March. GM’s China sales were up eight percent.

Rolls test mule

Rolls-Royce is testing mules with a new all-wheel drive setup that will deliver its “hallmark ‘magic carpet’ ride not only on the road but off road too.’” Known as Project Cullinan the announcement may start speculation that Rolls one day may produce a luxury SUV as Bentley and Jaguar, among others, jump into the market. The test mule is pictured.

VW Caddy

Ever hear of the Volkswagen Caddy? It is mini cargo van sold in Europe that one day may make its way across the pond to our roads. VW has introduced a redesigned model that comes either as a cargo van or with additional seats and windows for hauling us humans. As is the case with many European models, the Caddy comes with a long list of available engines including four 2.0-liter TDI turbo diesels.



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