Auto News for April 6

Here’s a good thought: “When we get behind the wheel, we have an obligation to keep one another safe,” said Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and CEO of the National Safety Council. It has launched a campaign to discourage drivers from yakking on cell phones, even hands free ones, while on the road. A Safety Council public opinion poll found more than eight in 10 Americans believe cell phones are addictive underscoring the need to help drivers kick their cell phone use habit. “It is time to reconcile the cost of being constantly connected with the consequences of risky behavior behind the wheel,” Hersman said. You can find more at:

For some it is an art form, while for others it is a stress filled operation – the parking of a trailer that is. Now Continental tire has come with a device that will allow the driver to maneuver the vehicle and trailer while standing next to it for improved visibility. The Intelligent Rear Camera Module will work with a wireless/tablet/smart device and should hit the market in 2018. Until then, “be careful out there.”

Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services has been named by Jaguar Land Rover to provide safety and security services to owners. This will include automatic crash notification to emergency responders.

One of the most desirable cars in showrooms in 1954 was the Packard, the first models to be equipped with the tubeless tire. Goodyear had patented the idea more than 50 years earlier but had never developed it for sale. The air filled tire was, interestingly enough, conceived by a Scottish veterinarian looking for a smoother ride on his bicycle, according to the Census Bureau.



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