Auto News for March 17


Ever drive a car or truck when you were very sleepy? One expert said it accounts for up to 20 percent of annual traffic deaths and he wants to do something about it. “Falling asleep at the wheel at 70 mph is a recipe for tragedy,” National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator Mark Rosekind told a Chicago conference. He said the agency will work with states to better measure and estimate the drowsy driving problem and “learn what legal and enforcement strategies are most effective …” That eventually could lead to a public awareness campaign highlighting the dangers of drowsy driving.

One of the oldest Volkswagen dealerships, one that helped introduce the original Beetle, is closing its doors. New Milford (Conn.) Volkswagen will shut down at the end of the month. It is still operating out of the original building but succumb to slow VW sales in this country and VW revoking the company’s line of credit amid profit concerns. The Connecticut Post said the garage owner and VW disagreed over proposed updates to the property.

Two lawyers who have handled lawsuits regarding faulty ignition switches claim they have fresh evidence that GM tried to cover up the matter. GM has said it was internal incompetence that slowed replacement for the switches. The lawyers expect the first class action lawsuit to be filed in January with top GM engineers and executives to be deposed. There has been no comment from the company.

That long line of traffic you encounter on your way to and from work is not just occurring here in the U.S. A trucking industry study concludes that congestion on U.K. roads is also bad, as bad has it has been for more than a decade.








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