Auto News for March 16

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It has hardly been a secret that a redesigned Camaro is in the works, and here comes even bigger news. The 2016 Camaro will be displayed on Belle Isle in Detroit May 16th.  It will be only the sixth time that GM has introduced an “all-new” Camaro. Chevrolet expects 1,000 fans to attend the reveal that will also feature a display of the most significant vehicles from the brand’s history and “Hot lap rides in the 2015 Z/28 around the Belle Isle Grand Prix course.” Fans take note: The event is free, however space is limited and registration is required. Priority will be given to those who agree to bring their Camaros to the event. A 2015 is pictured and GM recently announced it expects to deliver the 500,000th fifth-generation Camaro this month.


The lesson here appears to be, offer the public a car with 707 horsepower and they will beat a path to your door. Automotive News reports that Dodge has such a back log that it has temporarily stopped taking orders for the Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcats. It was never meant to be a high production vehicle, and various sources say it maybe August before orders are taken again. The Motor Authority and Allparnews had similar reports.

Formula E

There was a Formula One like race in Miami over the weekend, but there was no exhaust noise. That’s because the race cars were all-electric. Known as Formula E, the circuit has gained the attention of some big names such as Richard Branson, Michelin and DHL as backers. Pit stops are a bit different as drivers change not tires, but cars to a fully charged one. Nicolas Prost, the son of former Formula One great Alain Prost, won the race.


It is being called the longest automated drive ever attempted in North America. Delphi, now a British firm, will take its automated drive technology on a drive from the Golden Gate Bridge to New York, and if all goes according to plan, the modified Audi will arrive in Gotham just in time for the big auto show. Two drivers will be in the vehicle at all times it should be noted. Delphi said its technologies enable the vehicle to instantaneously make complex decisions, like stopping and then proceeding at a four-way stop, merging on to a busy interstate and dealing with big city traffic. Engineers said we are still years away from fully automated cars, so don’t give up your driver’s seat yet.

Do ya think Ford has a winner in its F-150? A plant in Kansas City is now building the aluminum bodied truck, the second assembly plant to churn out, what has been for years, the top selling vehicle on these shores. Look for an in depth road test of the F-150 next month, right here!

Deutsche Bank has cut its earnings estimate for Tesla but this had less to do with its electric cars than the strong dollar. The Euro recently hit a 12 year low against the dollar. Deutsche Bank still rates Tesla stock as a buy.








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