Auto News for March 13

MarchionneDec2010 (1)

The top guy at Fiat Chrysler has been talking about potential mergers in the auto industry, saying a deal with GM or Ford would be “technically feasible.” But both U.S. makers said no to the musings of Sergio Marchionne. Auto analysts in Europe have speculated that a more logical deal would be Fiat Chrysler – Peugeot-Citroen.

Audi’s first all-electric car will be a crossover in the form of the Q6 E-tron, according to Britain’s Car magazine. It said the juiced up cross over will resemble the Lamborghini Urus concept in some regards. We might see it in 2018.

Recalls, recalls, getcha’ recalls here

Sixty-four thousand Chevy Volts are being recalled to reduce the chances of a carbon monoxide buildup when the vehicle has been idling for some time. GM said a software update will address the problem in model year 2011-13 Volts. GM has also halted sales of the 2015 Chevy Trax and similar Buick Encore models to address the potential loss of the electric power steering.

Toyota meanwhile, is recalling a total of 112,500 vehicles to repair a circuit board for the power steering that may have been damaged during assembly. It also wants to address components in RAV4 electrics that may cause the transmission to shift to neutral. Also involved in the recall are Camry, Camry Hybrid, Highlander, and Highlander models from 2015 and 2015.

Consumers will face a reduced powertrain warranty on 2016 Chevy and GMC vehicles. Instead of a five-year, 100,000 mile warranty, GM will offer five-year, 60,000 mile coverage. It said free scheduled maintenance and warranty coverage do not rank high as a reason to purchase a vehicle. The company said it will invest the savings into other programs that customers value more.

A division of TrueCar said Ford’s new F-150 pickup may have improved resale value thanks to increased fuel economy. They believe the truck will retain 58 percent of its value after three years, a six percent improvement over current models. The aluminum bodied truck can return up to 26 mpg on the highway.

The University of Southern California is the latest with a survey that shows people recognize the dangers of texting while driving but do it anyway. Millennials are less likely to believe that online communication while driving is unsafe. Overall, 53 percent of respondents said all interactive devices should be banned from cars in motion. Yesterday while driving in rush hour traffic, this writer encountered no less than five drivers who were clearly texting and missed the change of a traffic light to go until someone(s) sounded their horn.



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