Auto News for March 2

Auto News for March 2

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Fiat Chrysler is actually telling consumers that some of its dealers may not be playing fair and square. It said a handful of dealers are accepting orders for the Hellcat models “without regard to available supply and without advising their customers that orders may not be filled, if at all, for many months of longer.” The idea is to keep customers from going down the road to another dealer to get their high performance car. The company said such a practice may constitute a breach of the dealer’s Sales and Service agreement. Customers should ask pointed questions to their dealer including whether a deposit is necessary to place an order and if that deposit is refundable and at one point in time. You can also bet that dealers are making some sharp mark ups on the Hellcat’s MSRP.

All this again points to the crying need for a complete overhaul of the way cars and trucks are sold in this country.

The European Car of the Year will be announced later today in Geneva. Seven candidates made the finals:

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

Citroen C4 Cactus

Ford Mondeo (Fusion)

Mercedes-Benz C Class

Nissan Qashqai (Rogue)

Renault Twingo

Volkswagen Passat

BMW i8

The UK Car of the Year is the BMW i8. It was also Top Gear’s Car of the Year. Judges said the i8 helps to “redefine what a sports car is, in a world attempting to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.”

A power steering problem has Hyundai recalling nearly 205,000 vehicles. It said the 2008-15 Elantra and the 2009-15 Elantra Touring may have a faulty control unit that could disable the power assist. Dealers will upgrade the software that controls the unit.



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