Auto News for Feb. 27

Hyundai Tucson

Yesterday we talked a lot about supercars to be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva show. How about a vehicle that many can afford? The redesigned Hyundai Tucson will make its “World Premiere” at next Tuesday in the Swiss City. It will also be on stage at the New York show in April. Hyundai has released a picture of the European model, but my guess is that it the same looks wise as the U.S. version. The Tucson reportedly got a ground up redesign but is still about the size of the current model, and sports a new interior. The 2016 should go on sale here in the states this summer.

Tucson on the moon

Hyundai also makes a fuel cell version of the Tucson and it now claims owners in Southern California have racked up enough mileage, 238,900, to make it to the moon. There are enough refueling stations in SOCAL to keep these Tucson’s in motion. They have an estimated driving range of 265 miles between refueling.

Honda does more than make cars, as you probably know. But now it has installed the first HondaJet flight simulator at its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina. It is located at the company’s training center on the campus of Honda Aircraft.

VW announced that work is underway to expand its Chattanooga plant in preparation for production of an all new Midsize SUV. Construction will continue for the next two years. VW will also open a visitor center in the city in the summer of 2016. Hope they have some old Beetles there. I have fond memories of new ’69 with skinny whitewalls that carried a sticker of just under 2K.







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