Auto News for Feb. 17

Honda is trimming production at six factories due to a lack of parts tied to the dock strike on the west coast. Honda said with the huge backlog of container shipments it does not have a sufficient supply of several critical parts to keep production lines running smoothly and efficiently in the Midwest and Ontario.


We are about a month away from the next big international auto show, this one in Geneva. When it opens to the public on March 5 BMW will debut a seven passenger three row 2 Series Grand Tourer. BMW calls it the first model in the premium compact class that can carry that many occupants. At this time, it is not known if this minivan (in U.S. terms) will be offered here. They will also talk about a refreshed 1 Series.

The British magazine, Autocar, said Kia will show off a hatchback concept car called the Sportspace. It said this could be an indication of where future styling may be headed for the Optima. The Sportspace carries a 1.7-liter diesel-electric powertrain with a very futuristic interior.

Moving upscale, Bentley will unveil a two seat sports GT concept to rival Ferrari and Aston Martin. A Rolls-Royce concept called “Serenity” will offer a “luxurious silk-inspired interior” according to Autocar. And Aston Martin will spill more details of its own supercar aimed at the McLaren GTR.

It should be quite a show!



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